Onboard Science Program

The onboard Science program will include the following lectures, for which we provide the references below. Additional activities will be undertaken onboard including:

Further details for these will be provided in Ushuaia and onboard.

Antarctic Climate Change

Photos on this page by Oli Sansom

Online Resources

Scientific Articles

Armesbury et al

Widespread Biological Response to Rapid Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula

Ashton et al

Warming by 1°C Drives Species and Assemblage Level Responses in Antarctica’s Marine Shallows

Barnes et al

Icebergs, sea ice, blue carbon and Antarctic climate feedbacks

Convey et al

Antarctic climate change and the environment

Griffiths et al

More losers than winners in a century of future Southern Ocean seafloor warming

The IMBIE Team

Mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017

Lee et al

Climate change drives expansion of Antarctic ice-free habitat

Newsham and Robinson

Responses of plants in polar regions to UVB exposure: a meta-analysis

Rintoul et al

Choosing the future of Antarctica

Robinson and Erikson

Not just about sunburn – the ozone hole’s profound effect on climate has significant implications for Southern Hemisphere ecosystems

Robinson et al

Rapid change in East Antarctic terrestrial vegetation in response to regional drying

Shepherd et al

Trends and connections across the Antarctic cryosphere

Turner et al

Absence of 21st century warming on Antarctic Peninsula consistent with natural variability

Antarctic Governance

Scientific Articles

Antarctic Treaty System

Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty


International spaces promote peace

Berkman et al

Antarctica, Science, and the Governance of International Spaces


Polar collaborations are key to successful policies

Chown et al

Challenges to the Future Conservation of the Antarctic

Chown et al

Antarctica and the strategic plan for biodiversity


Governing Antarctica: Contemporary Challenges and the Enduring Legacy of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty


Guest editorial—the 1959 Antarctic Treaty: reflecting on the 50th anniversary of a landmark agreement

Hughes and Grant

The spatial distribution of Antarctica’s protected areas: A product of pragmatism, geopolitics or conservation need?

Liggett et al

Is it all going south? Four future scenarios for Antarctica


Reform the Antarctic Treaty

Rintoul et al

Choosing the future of Antarctica

Shaw et al

Antarctica’s Protected Areas Are Inadequate, Unrepresentative, and at Risk

Shaw et al

Marine protected areas: a spark for contestation over ‘rational use’ of Antarctic marine living resources in the Southern Ocean?

Southern Ocean Microbiomes

Online Resources

Scientific Articles


Abundance and Function of Bacteria in the Southern Ocean

Dial et al

What color should glacier algae be? An ecological role for red carbon in the cryosphere

Flaviani et al

Distinct Oceanic Microbiomes from Viruses to Protists Located Near the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Grant et al

Antarctic DNA barcoding; a drop in the ocean?

Ji et al

Atmospheric trace gases support primary production in Antarctic desert surface soil

Núñez-Montero et al

Advances in Antarctic Research for Antimicrobial Discovery

Pearce et al

Microorganisms in the atmosphere over Antarctica

Rodríguez-Marconi et al

Characterization of Bacterial, Archaeal and Eukaryote Symbionts from Antarctic Sponges Reveals a High Diversity at a Three-Domain Level and a Particular Signature for this Ecosystem

Wilkins et al

Key microbial drivers in Antarctic aquatic environments

Terrestrial Plants

Online Resources

  CSIROscope (2018):  Gardens in the ice: the flora of Antarctica

 Australian Academy of Science (2018): The amazing Antarctic moss

Antarctic Marine Conservation

Scientific Articles

Ainley and Blight

Ecological repercussions of historical fish extraction from the Southern Ocean

Ainley and Pauly

Fishing down the food web of the Antarctic continental shelf and slope

CCAMLR Convention

Text of the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

Brooks and Ainley

Fishing the bottom of the Earth: the political challenges of ecosystem-based management

Brooks et al

Science-based management in decline in the Southern Ocean

Brooks et al

Watch over Antarctic waters


Competing values on the Antarctic high seas: CCAMLR and the challenge of marine-protected areas


Lessons from CCAMLR on the implementation of the ecosystem approach to managing fisheries


Designation and management of large-scale MPAs drawing on the experiences of CCAMLR

Grant et al

Ecosystem services of the Southern Ocean: trade-offs in decision-making


Sealing, whaling and krill fishing in the Southern Ocean: past and possible future effects on catch regulations

Jacquet et al

‘Rational use’ in Antarctic waters


Sustainable Management in the Southern Ocean: CCAMLR Science

Österblom et al

Reducing Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean: A Global Effort

Österblom and Olsson

CCAMLR: an ecosystem approach to the Southern Ocean in the Anthropocene

General interest resources (History, Geology, Palaeo and Glaciology)

Conservation and Human Interest

Scientific Articles

Brooks et al

Our footprint on Antarctica competes with nature for rare ice-free land

Chapin III et al

Polar Systems

Chown et al

Continent-wide risk assessment for the establishment of nonindigenous species in Antarctica

Convey et al

Continental governance and environmental management mechanisms under the Antarctic Treaty System: sufficient for the biodiversity challenges of this century?

Huiskes et al

Aliens in Antarctica: Assessing transfer of plant propagules by human visitors to reduce invasion risk

Pertierra et al

Historical Developments, Drivers of Change and Future Scenarios for Human Activities on Deception Island