Pre-voyage visibility program

  • Visibility Overview
  • Visibility Audit
  • Fundamentals (GAMPER)
  • 100 Word Bio
  • Leadership Storytelling

“One of the vulnerabilities of being visible is that when you’re visible, you can be seen. And when you can be seen, you can be touched. And when you can be touched, you can be hurt… So one of the dynamics you have to get over is this idea that you can occupy a position of responsibility, that you can have a courageous conversation, without being vulnerable.”
David Whyte.


Photo by Oli Sansom

Photo by Oli Sansom


  • Visibility Sprint
  • Visibility Fundamentals
  • Goal
  • Audience
  • Platforms Overview
  • Collective Visibility Challenge
  • Online Visibility


The Reckoning: Walking Into Our Story (by reckoning with emotion)

Recognise emotion and get curious about our feelings and how they connect with the way we think and behave.

Dr Brené Brown ‘Blaming’ video from RSA demonstrates using ‘blaming’ as an offloading emotion strategy.

Tips for dealing with trolls

Webs to detect and track propaganda bot/troll Twitter accounts: